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Satellite Connectivity & IT On Board

Skywave System Services Limited in partnership with the world best provider of satellite services and solutions is able to provide professional solutions for maritime broadband and high speed unlimited Internet access for all kinds of vessels and activities with full coverage across all seas, duly complemented by value-added solutions that improve your experience at sea.

Skywave System Services can provide data, internet, crew calling, telephone, video, satellite television, activation and airtime provision for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT services improving routine operations that are essential for both business and management, as well as increasing crew morale and entertainment.

The demand for voice and email communications services, as well as web browsing, social networks and data transfer, has been linked to a large number of solutions for ship tracking, in addition to our online remote support that helps to reduce operating costs and improve safety and logistics.


We offer unparalleled communications infrastructure with satellite backhaul with L, C, Ka, and Ku bands, fiber, microwave and cellular with live monitoring and technical support 24/7/365. It does not matter which brand of VSAT, TVRO and IT network you installed. Let us know what you want, we will find the best option for your vessel.

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